Why Membership Matters

Joining a church isn’t a salvific act. But being committed to a community of faith is integral to our spiritual growth. Membership might not be prescribed biblically, but it’s a powerful step in a transformational direction.

Here is an excerpt of an article recently written by Jason Bradly. He brings to light great insight as to why church membership matters.

Proclamation - This is my church.
You would think that going to church regularly should be enough to communicate your commitment. But there’s something that happens in us when we stand up in front of God and everyone and say, “I am dedicated to this community.” It’s the difference between living with someone and marrying them.

Affirmation - I agree with their beliefs.
Most people who attend a church don’t really have any idea what their church believes about different doctrinal issues. The membership process is a great way to discover what beliefs are most important to these worshipers — and what you truly believe.

Confirmation - We’re committed to supporting each other.
Membership isn’t about simply agreeing to some theological principles and pledging yourself to a church building. You’re telling this community that you’re there for them. Their concerns are your concerns. Their needs your needs. In turn, they’re there to support and encourage you, too!

Transformation - I trust the church leadership to help mature me.
This is probably the biggest sticking point for most people considering membership. The idea that people can meddle in our lives isn’t a very popular in our culture. In our culture, we don’t want someone poking around in our business.

Christianity isn’t simply about regular quiet times and listening to sermons. It’s about opening our lives and inviting spiritually mature people in to encourage, edify, and empower us to live more dynamically. This requires vulnerability and mutual submission.

If you would like more information regarding making the commitment to become a full member into our congregation, participating in a class for membership and or about the sacrament of baptism for yourself or a family member; please contact Pastor Amy.

To see the article in full go to: https://www.churchleadership.com/leading-ideas/the-case-for-church-membership/?fbclid=IwAR2YLPwGsZBaugRWkhR55YNXtW5Sb_Hz48AFybxv8tHk57ttFQibXmEtzmg)